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Our Core Principles

Dr. Whitfield & Dr. Eckroat love getting to know each patient and will listen carefully to each child and parent.  We believe in giving your child the best dental experience possible!

  • We believe in the prevention of dental disease

  • We will NEVER hold or strap your child down for dental care

  • We always welcome parents back in the clinical area for initial appointments and routine dental care (if chosen by the parents).

  • We will treat your child as if they are our own

  • We will recommend and deliver the best dental care possible for your child

  • We will provide the “standard of care” for your child’s dental treatment

  • We believe that each child deserves the least amount of dentistry in their lifetime

  • We want your child to have no cavities!


Edmond Pediatric & Teen Dentistry is a modern, fun, and safe environment for children and teens to receive and experience the highest quality of dental care available. We are a pediatric dental practice with modern technology and philosophies. Here at Edmond Pediatric & Teen Dentistry we believe in shaping a positive experience for your child so they look forward to and love coming to the dentist office!

Dirk Eckroat
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